Susan Handelman... Empowerment for Acting
Susan with her students

"sooz-ing (soo'-zing), n. 1. the journey of growing up as an actor, and a person, and making a wonderful friend."

In her work as a private coach for both professional and beginning actors, Susan specializes in training her students for theater, musical theater (“acting the song" is key) and on-camera acting techniques. Many of Susan's students have appeared in professional theater productions @ The Goodman, The Marriott, Northlight and Drury name a few, as well many wonderful community theaters. They have also landed roles on TV series and feature films. Another specialty of Susan’s is training her students for college auditions. Due to her expert coaching and preparation, Susan's students are regularly accepted to the top theater schools and conservatories in the country. She has assisted many young actors get placed with top Chicago talent agents. In addition, Susan holds numerous Musical Theater workshops at her studio with top vocal coaches. These workshops focus on vocal technique, acting the song and audition protocol.

Susan has been interested in acting as long as she can remember. As a young child Susan would run into a room of people and say, “present me out”! She looks forward to “presenting YOU out”!